About us

Who we are

Monivent is a young medtech company dedicated to improve the emergency care given to newborn babies in need of respiratory support at birth.

Monivent was founded in 2013 but it all started a couple of years earlier when one of our co-founders in his daily work as a neonatologist felt the need for a more objective way of knowing what volumes of air was given to a baby during manual ventilation. An observational study was performed by the founders, studying pressures and volumes during manual ventilation of newborns at birth. The result showed large variations in measured volumes, which were occasionally far above the recommended range, and this alarming result was the beginning of what is today known as Monivent.

The two neonatologists and the researcher in lung physiology presented the idea to the students at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and business developers were added to the team. A prototype for measuring ventilation related parameters was developed and the concept improved. This prototype has now been further developed into our two products, one for clinical use and one for simulation based training.

Monivent Neo100 is a medical device providing continuous feedback on the volumes of air given to the baby during manual ventilation. It is a wireless add-on to existing ventilation equipment and it supports caregivers in achieving safe and effective ventilation of newborns. Monivent Neo Training is a tool to improve simulated ventilation training on manikin by providing continuous feedback on the same ventilation parameters.