Customer Story Australia

Customer Story Australia

Optimizing positive pressure ventilation of a baby depends on minimising mask leak, obtaining adequate tidal volumes and inflating pressures while maintaining a consistent rate.

Read the customer story where Dr Vishnu Dasireddy and the team at Nepean Hospital in Sydney, Australia share their experience from using Monivent Neo Training in the successful training program “The Nepean Neonatal Resuscitation Program” (NNRP).

Simulation-based training and education allows participants to become familiar with critical conditions and learn how to troubleshoot in unexpected situations. In Australia, more than 300,000 babies are born each year and approximately 15% of these newborns require some kind of resuscitation at birth. The Nepean Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NNRP) is a successful training program for health care professionals preparing and making them proficient in resuscitating babies.


”Leak is one of the biggest problems during mask ventilation and staff may fail to recognize this. If it is not corrected, the baby may not improve and this may have a major impact on the outcome. The Monivent Neo Training has been a fantastic tool in demonstrating what happens during leaks and how to troubleshoot.”

 – Dr Vishnu Dasireddy, neonatologist,  responsible for simulation training at Nepean Hospital NICU, Sydney, Australia.


Customer Story Nepean Hospital, Sydney, Australia

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