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Clinical study results presented

Results show that Neo100 significantly increases the quality of ventilation of newborns. Listen to the interview with Dr Michael Wagner commenting study results.

Distributor for UK and Ireland

23 Jul - 2019


Monivent has appointed MDT Global Solutions Ltd. as UK & Ireland distributor. The agreement covers the promotion of the Monivent Neo Training, a device intended for monitoring and guidance of ventilation parameters, especially tidal volume, during training of neonatal manual ventilation. We are very excited about welcoming MDT as a distributing partner for Monivent Neo Training for the UK and Ireland where we have experienced great interest for the product. Through this partnership Monivent will be able to benefit from the experience and the position that MDT has in the simulation training market. MDT Global Solutions is a leading provider of emergency medical education and simulation training services and equipment and the company distributes product brands from iSimulate and Lifecast Body Simulation Ltd.

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