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Irish study shows that Monivent Neo Training improves neonatal resuscitation training

9 Feb - 2024


The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) has recommended improvements in training for neonatal resuscitation, highlighting the potential role of respiratory function monitors (RFMs). A recent study concluded that standardized training with a simple interface RFM (Neo Training) led to a significant reduction in mask leakage and improvement in all other ventilation parameters. The study has been led by Dr Caitriona M Ni Chathasaigh, The National Maternity Hospital, Dublin and involves a large group of healthcare professionals in maternity and neonatal services.

The study “Newborn face mask ventilation training using a standardized intervention and respiratory function monitor: a before and after manikin study” was conducted with 412 users in 13 hospitals in Ireland. The aim was to evaluate whether a standardized manikin training using an RFM with simple interface could reduce mask leakage during ventilation. To date, the visual feedback from RFMs has required considerable instruction, time and experience to interpret. The need for improved training on RFM interpretation was emphasized among resuscitators involved in a previous trial, suggesting that a simpler visual interface may facilitate interpretation.

The conclusion of the study, presented in the Archive in Disease in Childhood, Fetal and Neonatal edition, was that the simplicity of Neo Training’s color-coded visual display, which uses a traffic light system to depict the expiratory tidal volume, requires minimal training to interpret the feedback, as demonstrated by the short training time. The results from the study were that leak before training was 31% (10-69%) compared to 10% (6-18%) after training. Improvements were also noted for all other ventilation parameters.

“Previous studies have shown that the RFMs available for training and research have been far too complex and presented feedback in a way that was difficult to interpret. This extensive study from Ireland emphasizes the ease of use and simplicity that are essential in Monivent’s products and which we have put a lot of effort and care into during development”, says Karin Dahllöf, CEO of Monivent.

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Monivent AB (”Monivent”) develops, manufactures and sells medical devices in order to improve the emergency care provided to newborns in need of respiratory support at birth. About three to six percent of all newborns end up in this critical situation and healthcare professionals today lack good tools to determine how effective this manual ventilation is. Monivent has developed equipment that measure the airflow to the child directly in the face mask via a sensor module that sends data wirelessly to an external monitor. The caregiver thereby receives immediate feedback, which enables necessary adjustments to support an effective but at the same time gentle treatment. The company is also marketing a product for simulation-based training on manikins, building on the same technology as the clinical product. The clinical product, Monivent Neo100, is not available for sale in the United States.

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