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Monivent Neo100

Towards a new golden standard! Could it be time for a new era in delivery room management? We believe so.

Ten years ago, we set out to develop a smart, compact and accurate system to support healthcare professionals in providing gentle and effective ventilation of newborns.
We proudly introduce Monivent® Neo100.

Based on a clinical need, Monivent Neo100 provides healthcare professionals with instant feedback and color-coded guidance during manual ventilation of newborns. The unique innovative solution is ready to be used in seconds, offers wireless data transfer and has minimal impact on clinical routines.

Clinical study results – Neo100 significantly increases the quality of ventilation of newborns

A larger clinical study with Neo100 was conducted at Medical University of Vienna. The results of the clinical study, including 90 newborns, show that the use of Neo100 significantly increased the quality of ventilations by a higher percentage occurring within a target volume range.

  • Recent clinical study results shows that use of Monivent Neo100 significantly increases the quality of ventilation of newborns
  • Excessive tidal volumes (>8mL/kg) previously associated with an increased risk of brain injury, could be significantly reduced when Neo100 was used
  • Mask leakage could also be significantly decreased with the use of Neo100

Learn more about the unique Monivent Neo100 and how it can support you during manual ventilation in the delivery room (DR) or in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Note! Monivent Neo100 is not available for sale in the United States. 


Key Features & Benefits

  • Color-coded guidance on VTe supports ventilation within the volume target range

  • Sensor Module LED gives VTe guidance allowing caregiver to focus on the baby

  • Real-time feedback on VTe and PIP help to identify and adjust for changes in lung compliance, and identify critical clinical conditions

  • Clear feedback on a selected number of parameters for easy interpretation of data

  • Wireless data transfer reduces need for cables on resuscitation table

  • Add-on to existing ventilation equipment with minimal impact on clinical routines

  • Ready for use within seconds

In the delivery room, the system provides midwives, nurses and first responders with feedback and guidance enabling volume-targeted ventilation by adjusting PIP, reducing the variability of tidal volumes delivered and supporting ventilation within volume targets. In the neonatal intensive care unit, the system can be used to assist when change of ventilatory support is performed or if the patient stops breathing temporarily.

Ventilator monitors are routinely used in NICUs to guide effectiveness of ventilation. In the DR, however, mask positive pressure ventilation (PPV) is guided by subjective clinical assessment. Volume-targeted ventilation in the NICUs are being used more frequently, however same emphasis has not been employed in the DR. Studies suggest that introducing Respiratory Function Monitors (RFMs) in the DR could provide healthcare professionals such as midwives, neonatal nurses and neonatologists with additional support in the neonatal resuscitation situation.

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Wireless, compact and accurate

A Monivent Neo100 system comprises of a Monitor (display and charger) and Sensor Modules that integrate into a single-use Sensor Mask or Mask Adapter. The system enables wireless measurement of ventilation parameters through the Sensor Mask and integrated Sensor Module.

The Monivent Neo100 system is an add-on to existing equipment used for manual ventilation and is compatible with all bag and T-piece resuscitators with 15 mm female connector.

The intuitive display provides valuable information on the most critical ventilation parameters, including tidal volume and mask leakage, enabling the caregiver to adjust, optimise and improve ventilation support for gentle ventilation of the newborn.

1. Integrated monitor and charger

Neo100 features a touch screen easily operated even with disposable gloves. The monitor has an integrated display and Sensor Module charger.

The screen displays a color-coded cylinder with clear indication of tidal volume target to be set by the user.

Monivent Neo100 provides continuous feedback (graphically and numerically) on key parameters:

  • VTe – Expiratory tidal volume in mL/kg
  • PIP – Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • PEEP – Positive End Expiratory Pressure
  • Mask leakage
  • Ventilation Rate

The color of the cylinder and the LED on the Sensor Module indicate how the delivered tidal volumes relates to the tidal volume target. Green for within target, red indicates below target and yellow above target.

2. Easy to use and ready in seconds

Integrated monitor and charger facilitates ease of use, quick access of components and allows pre-assemblance of units. The charger has magnetic hold for three Sensor Modules and LED indicates charging status of connected Sensor Modules.

  • Sensor Modules are stored in charger when not used
  • Pre-assembly of Sensor Modules and Sensor Masks possible in charger
  • LED indicates charging status (continuous green light for fully charged, pulsing red-green for charging)


Sensor Modules

Lightweight wireless integrated Sensor Modules allows transfer of data, greater freedom and flexibility

Provides accurate measurement of pressures and small volumes

Colored LED corresponds to cylinder on display indicating:

  • VTe within target range – green
  • VTe below target range – red
  • VTe above target range – orange


Sensor Masks and Mask Adapter

Sensor Masks are provided in three different sizes:

  • 40 mm
  • 52 mm
  • 66 mm

The Sensor Masks are latex free and single-use only.

Monivent Mask Adapter enables use with other face masks or ET tube.

The Sensor Mask and Mask Adapter form part of the measuring unit together with the SensorModule

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