Monivent Webinar Replay September 2023

Clinical study results presented

Results show that Neo100 significantly increases the quality of ventilation of newborns. Listen to the interview with Dr Michael Wagner commenting study results.

Monivent Webinar Replay September 2023

For our third webinar on September 28, we were delighted to have Dr Janneke Dekker and Dr Sophie Cramer, both from Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands, as our invited guest speakers.

Our first speaker was Dr Janneke Dekker’s and the presentation was titled “Tactile stimulation for preterm infants at birth: outdated or essential?”.

The second presentation was titled “Advantages, disadvantages and challenges of automated tactile stimulation”​​​​​​​ and was presented by Dr Sophie Cramer.

Listen to the recording to learn more about tactile stimulation and its effects on breathing.