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Monivent Neo100 is CE-marked

Monivent Neo100 is now CE-marked and the first units are delivered

Meet Maria Morin – new board member in Monivent AB

30 May - 2020


Maria Morin is an HR-person with a degree in Business Administration with the belief that strong teams can leverage a business and accomplish great things.

“I am convinced that internal and external communication must be one in order to be an important tool for alignment with the effect of self-management. Together with a clearly defined vision, people can make fair and just decisions in their daily work to be part of something bigger. In that sense IR and HR fit like a hand in a glove. With my dual expertise in HR and corporate communications I enjoy adding value and building strong organizations with a clear mission and vision based on a clear strategy.

I’m very excited about taking place on the Board of Directors at Monivent. It is a great company with a great product for the most vulnerable ones we have. I see a huge potential in combining great knowledge and skill with technology to really make a difference!”

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