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Hospital in Switzerland purchases a third Monivent Neo100 system

4 Apr - 2023


Monivent AB has received an order from its Swiss distributor for a Neo100 system to be delivered to Luzern Kantonspital (Cantonal Hospital Lucerne) where two systems have been purchased previously. The hospital, which uses Neo100 clinically in the delivery room and neonatal intensive care unit, has recognized the need to add an additional system.

“My goal is to implement Neo100 as the standard of care for premature deliveries at Luzerner Kantonsspital. Neo100 is used in the delivery room to prevent overinflation of the lungs when ventilating newborns, and especially in premature babies, which is our most vulnerable patient group. Currently, there is no other easy alternative to measure tidal volumes and Monivent Neo100 really fills a gap in the treatment of newborns”, says Dr Martin Stocker, Head of Children’s Hospital and Chief Physician for Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Lucerne, Switzerland.

“We are pleased to note that the hospital recognizes the need to invest in an additional Neo100 following a period of routine use. This is an indication that the customer really appreciates the benefit and usability of Neo100 and that they place importance on having the product available for use on more newborns”, says Karin Dahllöf, CEO at Monivent.

For more information, please contact:
Karin Dahllöf, CEO
Phone: +46 70 748 01 30

Monivent AB (”Monivent”) develops, manufactures and sells medical devices in order to improve the emergency care provided to newborns in need of respiratory support at birth. About three to six percent of all newborns end up in this critical situation and healthcare professionals today lack good tools to determine how effective this manual ventilation is. Monivent has developed equipment that measure the airflow to the child directly in the face mask via a sensor module that sends data wirelessly to an external monitor. The caregiver thereby receives immediate feedback, which enables necessary adjustments to support an effective but at the same time gentle treatment. The company is also marketing a product for simulation-based training on manikins, building on the same technology as the clinical product. The clinical product, Monivent Neo100, is not available for sale in the United States.

Bilaga: 2023-04-4 Hospital in Switzerland purchases a third Monivent Neo100 system

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